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Products Certifications

Products Certifications

Most of the certificates mentioned hereunder are provided with products and exchanged via banks or directly between our company and clients. These are used by our company to obtain our payments and for clients to release their goods from shipping agents and customs authorities at destination ports.

Certificate of Origin:

This certificate is issued and attested by the Sudan Chamber of Commerce to assure that this product was certainly grown/produced in Sudanese lands, this certificate can be issued in the following modes:

  • Regular certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Origin for Preferential Tariff for Least-Developed Countries
  • League of Arab States Certificate of Origin
  • COMESA Certificate of Origin.

Certificate Sample

Health (Phytosanitary) Certificate:

to certify that the products had been inspected and\or tested according to appropriate official procedures and are considered to be free from the quarantined pests specified by the importing contracting parties.

Certificate Sample

Analysis & Quality Certificate:

This certificate is issued from the Sudanese Standard & Metrology Organization, which is authorized by the government of Sudan to inspect and assure the quality of the products.
Certificate Sample

Fumigation Certificate:

Fumigation certificate proofs that the packing materials have been fumigated or sterilized. Certificates contain details such as the purpose of treatment, articles concerned, temperature range used, chemicals and concentration used etc.
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(*) Inspection Certificate:

Inspection companies are appointed by the importer and they act as a third party to verify the quantity, quality of the goods for our clients. International inspection companies operating in Sudan are mentioned in the following file, please download it for more information.
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With regard to organic agriculture, Sudan’s long history and its many generations pass compatible and integrated with the systems of organic agriculture, managed farms over the decades to reach normal rotations for the production of natural without chemicals in all areas of traditional agriculture

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