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What is Watermelon Seeds?

  • The seeds extracted from watermelon, cultivated in large quantities in western Sudan areas.
  • One of the common protein supplements like cotton seeds, groundnuts, soybean seeds and rape seeds.

Source of Watermelon Seeds

  • Global production of watermelons was 111 million tonnes, with China alone accounting for 67% of the total.
  • Secondary producers each with less than 4% of world production included Turkey, Iran, Brazil, and Egypt.
  • Sudan exports a huge amount of watermelon seeds annually.

General Uses

When roasted or salted in a shell are known as a popular snack just like sunflower seeds, also considered a nutritional fiber-rich snack.

Who is Using

Many food manufacturers are using watermelon seed to produce dry and roasted snacks. Roasted watermelon seeds are popular snacks in many countries:

  • Snacks manufacturing companies
  • Commercial food processing companies
  • Cosmetics manufacturers
  • Herbal and natural medicine products producers
  • Animal feed producers
  • Individuals in many countries across the world

Specification Data Sheet

This Sudanese standard is formulated by the technical committee No.4 formed according to the administrative decree of the SSM0/1/A/Idated 18/8/01. It applies to Watermelon Seeds. On formulating this standard the committee has referred to international publications and works of Sudanese researchers on the subject.

Types we offer?

We are one of the best Watermelon seed suppliers all over the world.
Our company offers the following types of the raw seeds: (Good for human use and free from any chemicals or insects. (Sound Merchantable Quality)

(*) Refer to the SSMO specification sheet for each for more details.

What Types of watermelon seeds we offer?

  • Sadir Grade

    • Size: between 8mm – 12mm
    • Color: brownish with 4% maximum other color seeds.
  • Farasha Grade

    • Size: between 8mm – 12mm
    • Color: creamy with 4% max. other color seeds
  • Kashair Grade

    • Size: between 10mm – 14mm
    • Color: white
  • Jumbo Grade

    • Size: between 10mm – 14mm
    • Color: white, and differs from the Kashair grade in the seeds weight.

Types & Forms

Watermelon seeds come in different types depending on the watermelon source. But all types of seeds share the same nutrients composition

  • White raw seeds in different sizes
  • Brownish raw seeds in different sizes
  • Creamy raw seeds in different sizes
  • Mixed colors raw seeds in different sizes
  • Black color seeds in different sizes

All these types may be found in three form:

  1. In shell, Raw cleaned
  2. In shell, Roasted and saluted
  3. Watermelon seeds kernels (different sizes)

Watermelon Seeds & Cholesterol

  • Watermelon seeds have high content of unsaturated fats which help reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of cardiovascular problems
  • Watermelon seeds also contain magnesium which helps lower blood pressure

Watermelon Seeds exporting process

  • We pack our watermelon seeds in 40kg or 45 kg polypropylene (PP) bags.
  • We load the 20 feet containers with up to 18 metric tons.
  • The minimum order quantity (20ft FCL) takes a period of 10 to 15 days to be on board of the vessel, this period varies depending on the quantity ordered.
  • The port of loading is PORTSUDAN (SDPZU), with a possibility to re-export from other nearby ports in the middle east.
  • Lead time to reach the clients desired port depends on the shipping lines used and the destination to that port usually varies between a minimum 2 to maximum 8 weeks for the farthest destination.
  • The H.S code for the watermelon seeds is 12077090 (*)
  • Payment terms and documents provided along with the shipment are mentioned at the products main page **(please check)
  • Watermelon seed is falling among the products which the US sanctions against Sudan has not exempted, therefore cannot be exported directly from PORTSUDAN to the US market unless obtaining a special OFAC license.

(*) Need to be confirmed form each country customs authorities.

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