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What is Senna Pods?

(From Arabic sanā)  It is also called Nubian Senna or Alexandrian Senna or even Khartoum Senna. It grows in parts of Sudan and in some Arabian countries. The best Senna is distinguished by a bright yellowish-green color of the leaves with a faint odor resembling the smell of green tea and a bittersweet taste

Botanical Name   Cassia Senna L. Scientific Name (s)  Cassia acutifolia Delile, syn. with Cassia Senna L. Also includes references to C. angustifolia Vahl. Family: Fabaceae (beans).

The plant has a pale green stem with long spreading branches. The sweetish taste of the leaves distinguishes Senna from the Argel leaves. It has small yellow flowers and oblong pods about 2 inches long and 7 to 8 inches broad.

Source of Senna Pods

Pantropic genus comprising of 500 species of which 20 are found in native flora of India. It is indigenous to Somalia, southern Arabia, parts of Sindh(Pakistan) and Kutch area of Gujrat. In India it is cultivated in Gujrat, Rajasthan, and Tamilnadu.

Cassia Angustifolia known as Alexandrian Senna is indigenous to Sudan and Sinai.

General Uses

The leaves and flowers of Siamese cassia (S. siamea) are used in some Southeast Asian cuisines, such as Thai and Lao cuisines. They are known as khi-lek in Thai, and are used in curries.

Who is Using

Many pharmaceutical and drugs manufacturers are using Senna to produce various types of medicines. Herbalists use Senna to manufacture Senna supplements as well:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Herbal supplements companies
  • Natural healing providers
  • Households

Specification Data Sheet

This Sudanese standard is formulated by the technical committee No.4 formed according to the administrative decree of the SSM0/1/A/I dated 18/8/01. It applies to Senna Pods. On formulating this standard the committee has referred to international publications and works of Sudanese researchers on the subject.

types we offer?

We are one of the best Senna leaves & pods Suppliers all over the world.
Our company offers Senna mainly in raw form and a possibility to offer processed Senna leaves as powder upon customer’s special request.

  1. Pure raw Senna leaves of the highest quality and recently freshly harvested.
  2. Raw Senna pods sun dried.
  3. Mechanically grounded pure Senna leaves/Pods powder.

Difference between Senna Pods

  • Senna “Leaves”

    pure sun dried Senna leaves

  • Senna “Pods”

    pure sun dried Senna Pods

Types & forms

Senna leaves and pods are the main parts of the plant that contains the useful material extracted by processors:

  • Raw Form: pure sun-dried Senna leaves.
  • Raw Form: pure sun-dried Senna Pods.

Senna & laxative substitutes

Senna is one of the few herbal medicines approved by the Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter use; it is probably the most widely used herbal medicine in the United States.

When the FDA determined that the hazards of phenolphthalein (formerly used in proprietary laxatives) were unacceptable, several companies replaced the phenolphthalein in their products, such as Ex-Lax and Perdiem Overnight Relief, with Senna.

Senna Pods exporting process

  • The pods are hydraulically pressed in bales of 200 to 250 kg.
  • We load the 40 feet containers with up to 19 metric tons of the pods.
  • The minimum order quantity (40ft FCL) takes a period of 15 to 20 days to be on board of the vessel, this period varies depending on the quantity ordered.
  • The port of loading is PORTSUDAN (SDPZU), with a possibility to re-export from other nearby ports in the middle east.
  • Lead time to reach the clients desired port depends on the shipping lines used and the destination to that port, usually varies between 2 to 8 weeks for the farthest destination.
  • The H.S code for the Senna is 12119022 (*)
  • Payment terms and documents provided along with the shipment are mentioned at the products main page **(please check)
  • Sudanese Senna is falling among the products which the US sanctions against Sudan has not exempted, therefore cannot be exported directly from PORTSUDAN to the US market unless obtaining a special OFAC license.

(*) Need to be confirmed form each country customs authorities.

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