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Sudan, the food basket of the world

Was once the largest country in Africa geography-wise. Sudan is very diverse and a naturally rich country in terms of climate regions, culture, traditions and customs, spoken languages, ethnicity, and natural resources. A very welcoming nation characterized by a deeply held sense of pride and self-respect. Sudan was named the food basket of the world. Currently, it’s the largest producer of Gum Arabic in the world. In addition, it produces large quantities of agricultural crops such as cotton, sesame, spices, sunflowers seeds, peanuts, maize, and wheat among others. Oil has recently been produced and sold as crude oil overseas.

Sudan has immense untapped reserves of minerals such as copper, iron, and ores such as gold.

One of the largest rivers in the world, the river Nile, runs across the country from its origin in Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean. The Blue Nile comes roaring from the eastern Ethiopian height and merges with White Nile in Khartoum.

The country boasts a fairly reasonable number of hydroelectric power plants, modest industrial base, an excellent telecommunication infrastructure, and a network of roads and highways that are being developed.

Sudan has a young well-educated population segment that provides for excellent workforce base. The country has a huge number of universities and colleges, institutes, and training centers offering a wide range of academic, professional, and vocational education and training.

The financial and banking systems are developing and deploying cutting edge technology solutions to spur business growth and to attract investors.

Sudan is experiencing an influx of foreign investors from oil-rich Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, and some European countries. Most foreign investors target the agricultural, oil, and energy sectors.

We believe Sudan is ripe for rapid development and can absorb many investments and huge opportunities lie in horizontal and vertical integrations of all sectors.

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