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Watermelon Seeds Indian Ban Effect on Export

Watermelon Seeds Indian Ban Effect on Export

Recently, on the 26th of April 2021 the Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade issued a ban on watermelon seed from Sudan origin.  These restrictions usually imposed because of the availability of surplus over the domestic requirements, international demand and supply situation, price competitiveness and the need to balance between remunerative prices to farmers and availability of agricultural products to consumers at affordable prices.

Many viewed this ban as a positive, as it will help Indian farmers to sell their crops at reasonable prices, reducing their fear of crops getting damaged and a possible increase in the production of the new season.

India is the biggest importer of watermelon seeds accounting for 17.02% market share manly importing from Sudan. Accordingly, this ban led to a direct decrease in watermelon seed prices on the Sudanese local market.

The new season of watermelon seeds in Sudan will start in November, it’s expected that this ban may waive the way for less prices if it’s not lifted, since Sudan export huge amount to India. Probably this will affect the production of this year.

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