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Sudan is ratified to export its products to Europe

Sudan is ratified to export its products to Europe

The European Union Commission authorized the registration of Sudan in the Commission and granted it a license to register exporters for export with zero tariffs and free quotas. The Commission, which is based in Brussels, put Sudan in the framework of procedures for export arrangements and accession to the new electronic system of export registration, known as (REX). The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Mohamed Ali Abdallah described the system as mandatory, pointing out that the form for contact points was filled in after five officials from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Customs were identified for approval after registering on the European Union Commission website. He explained that those points of contact would supervise the verification of certificates of origin for Sudan’s exports to the European Union, adding that the Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning worked hard and with care until the efforts were crowned with success in order to preserve Sudan’s right to benefit from customs reductions when exporting to the European Union. Abdullah added that the registration of Sudan’s name in the European Commission came as one of the countries that will benefit from the preferential advantages of customs exemption upon export, explaining that this registration will contribute to increasing Sudanese exports to the European Union, especially sugar products and its derivatives. He revealed that the European Union was the former first trading partner for Sudan before the former regime seized power, pointing to Sudan full advantage of the system of trade preferences offered by the European Union to developing and least developed countries in what is known as the “Initiative of Everything Except Arms” so that it can export Sudanese products to European markets with zero tariffs and free quotas other than arms exports. Abdallah congratulated the producers and exporters, who have a desire to export their products to Europe, with this achievement and appealed to them to submit their requests and register in the customs system program of the European Union or go to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to complete their procedures to take advantage of this system.


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