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Preparation for winter season harvest

Preparation for winter season harvest

A meeting held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Issa Osman Sharif, has discussed preparations for the summer season, winter harvest and the constraints facing states. Sharif emphasized that the next season was a challenging season in the light of the changes that have occurred in Sudan, stressing that the agricultural sector is the basis for food security, revealing that Sudan is the fourth country that the world relies on to achieve food security, adding that the producer is the basis in the agricultural process, stressing the linkage of the center with the states via a regular mechanism between the producers and the ministry. The Minister of Agriculture said that the Ministry has been in the process of establishing a national fund for agricultural development, in addition to paying attention to agricultural research and extension, which are the backbone of agriculture. For his part, the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Abdal-Majeed Ibrahim said that the meeting aims to develop solutions to address the problems and overcome the failures facing the agricultural sector via coordination between the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the states, revealing that the cultivated areas of wheat this season amount to 745,000 acres. It is worth mentioning that the meeting came out with a number of recommendations including the establishment of road networks to facilitate the movement of producers, the development of legislation and laws for agriculture, the regulation of agricultural work, the determination of the size of holdings, establishment of an information unit at the local level, training centers and conduct of field research.


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