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Indonesia expresses desire to engage into agricultural investment in  Sudan

Indonesia expresses desire to engage into agricultural investment in Sudan

The Caretaker Governor of Al-Gadarif State Maj. Gen. Nasr-Eddin Abdal-Gayyum Ahmed discussed, during a meeting, at his office , with the Ambassador of the State of Indonesia in Khartoum Rosales Ruthann Adnan ways to enable the Indonesian businessmen to engage into the field of agricultural investment in Al-Gadarif State, importing agricultural products including cotton and increasing the volume of commercial exchange between Sudan and Indonesia as well as the promotion of economic relations.

The Caretaker Governor of Al-Gadarif State welcomed the visit of the Indonesian Ambassador to the state, which confirms the distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries, stressing that Al-Gadarif State at the disposal of the Indonesian investment in the field of oil crops cultivation, food processing and cotton industries, besides holding partnerships between businessmen in the two countries.

For his part, the Indonesian ambassador pointed to the depth of the eternal ties that link Indonesia and Sudan, stressing his country’s keenness to strengthen these ties, expressing his readiness to provide postgraduate scholarships in Indonesian universities for the cadres of Al-Gadarif State in agriculture, economics and other sciences.

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