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Arabic Gum: Market Growth Drivers and Challenges

Arabic Gum: Market Growth Drivers and Challenges

Gum Arabic, also known as acacia gum, meska, chaar gund/goond, is a natural emulsifier derived from hardened sap obtained from two species of the acacia tree (Senegalia senegal (Acacia) and Vachellia (Acacia) seyal). The acacia trees are found on the west coast of Africa and on the Indian Subcontinent. Gum Arabic is a versatile emulsifier that is used in several industries including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, textiles, inks, paper, ceramics, and paints.

Sudan is the largest producer of gum Arabic, with 32.48% total export value market share, exporting around 71.86K MT, which is usually exported to Europe for treatment, refinement, and further sale to different parts of the world. France is considered to be the main importer for Sudan Arabic Gum account for more than 51% export share. Gum Arabic Market size is forecast to reach $603.25 Million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 6.17% during the forecast period 2020-2025.

AEP Colloids, Afrigum International Limited, Alland & Robert, Farbest Brands, Hawkins Watts Limited, ISC Gums, Kerry Group, Nexira, Somar Corp, Norevo Germany and TIC Gums Inc. are among the key players operating in the global gum Arabic market.

Gum Arabic Market Growth Drivers

The Rise in Dietary Content; the Gum Arabic has high dietary fiber content which aids in healthy digestion and bowel movement. Gum Arabic benefits patients suffering from constipation and irregular bowel movement. Many Gum Arabic manufacturers are focusing on securing regulatory clearance for the inclusion of this emulsifier as an ingredient in food products. Powder encapsulation; remains to be one of the most instrumental production procedure in the pharmaceutical industry. Colorless, tasteless, odorless, and high water-solubility are key properties of instantly soluble Gum Arabic, which is adding as key pointers for driving the Gum Arabic market.

Gum Arabic Market – Challenges

Inconstancy in Weather; inconstancy in weather leads to variance in production and price of Gum Arabic, which acts as a challenge for the market growth. Opportunity is extremely high but production has limitations within different countries. Gum Arabic market is profitable since the global demand for Gum Arabic is usually at peak because of the different uses.

Chemical manufacturers have produced a variety of synthetic substitute which can be used as replacement for gum Arabic for emulsification. Although these substitutes can’t match Gum Arabic, they are considered as a threat to the Gum Arabic industry because of its low price. Consumers might favor opportunity cost over the quality and use the Arabic gum. In June 4, 2018 CaraGum launches CaraGum EM CG 108-2, a cost-effective gum Arabic emulsifier. It costs less than conventional gum owing to its high concentration.


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