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Sudan Export of (200) thousand tons of beans

Sudan Export of (200) thousand tons of beans

Former head of Oil Grain Exporters Division, Mohamed Abbas Al-Hussein, disclosed that Sudan exported more than (200) thousand tons of oil-seeds during the last period, and said that the production ranges between one million to one million and a half tons, and described consumption as big. He said that the prices of beans are very high, indicating that the local price of ton reached (100) thousand pounds and expected more rise, which affects the oil industry, and attributed the rise of oil prices to the fact that all quantities produced in this season were exported, and considered the stop issued as a double-edged weapon. Either it will be issued to provide a difficult currency and the oil price will rise locally, or the export will be stopped, which may reduce the prices of local oil but affect buyers, mainly China, indicating that they will search for markets like Nigeria and Senegal, and pointed out that most of the oils in Sudan are from beans.He said that the volume of exports to China ranges between (150 – 200) thousand tons, pointing out that few quantities are exported to Europe .


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