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Large amounts of money found at Omar Albashir’s residence

Large amounts of money found at Omar Albashir’s residence

Sudan President Omar Albashir

Large sums of cash have been discovered in the incumbent ex-president of Sudan Omar al-Bashir’s house, and according to the information provided by the prosecutors, Omar al-Bashir is being currently investigated for suspected crimes of money laundering.

The hoard of cash included numerous currencies in the form of euros, dollars and Sudanese pounds in the range of $ 130 million (£ 100 million).

Sudan protests

The former president is currently under house arrest after several months of protests resulted in ousting him from office.

According to several reports, Mr. Bashir is being kept in the Kobar high-security prison.

According to a source within the judiciary system of Sudan which had informed Reuters that there was a suitcase carrying approximately 351,000, €6 million ($6.7 million; £5.2 million) and five billion Sudanese pounds ($105 million) within the residency of the ex-president.

The sources stated that Mr. Bashir was being investigated, informing Reuters that the ex-president would be undergoing questioning from the Kobar prison.

A picture published in the Radio Dabanga: a news media outlet established in the Netherlands, showcased several army personals guarding several stockpiles of cash.
Radio Dabanga went onto comment that the money was stuffed in bags used to carry grains worth 50 kg (110 lbs).
Sudan’s attorney general stated that on Saturday a new committee would be appointed to regulate the investigations into anti-corruption.


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